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Recollecting Lunar New Year Festival

There is half amonth to the arrival of lunar New Year in thetwinkling of an eye. With economic and social development,people's material life is becoming richer. But the whole town is not in festivemood of Spring Festival as before.

Today, Let usrecollect and experience the New Year Custom.

■Die Altstadt

Spring Festivalis a traditional festival in China. It is the time of family reunion, to visitrelatives and friends, eliminate the old and welcome the new. The culturalcustom formed over thousands of years is deeply branded with the "Chinese Characteristics".

■Heidelberg Universität

Traditional NewYear Custom begins with Chinese “Xiaonian” on the 23rd dayof the 12th month of the lunar year when allfamilies are in preparation for the New Year’s coming. 

23rd,worshiping the Kitchen God, 24th, dusting, 25th, makingtofu, 26th, preparation of meat, 27th, slaughterroosters, 28th, leaven dough, 29th, steam buns...

■Heidelberg Universität

Today let’scount them one by one those unforgettable cultural customs.

On the 23rdof the 12th month of the lunar year,in Chinese we call this day “xiaonian” or “little new year”. It is said on thisday the Kitchen God returns to Heaven so it is also known as the Festival ofthe Kitchen God. Every family will paste up Spring Couplets, worship and offersacrifices to the Kitchen God.


■Heidelberg Universität

On the 24th,people will clean the house. This is called a “dusting”traditionally. Togetherthe old and the young sweep the dust to sweep away bad luck and welcome thegood luck and a new year.

■Heidelberg Universität

On the 25th,people begin to grind beans and make tofu. It is said the King of the Heavenwill stay on earth and eating bean dregs show the virtue of thrift.

On the 26th,people slaughter pig to get the meat. Because of the limited living conditionsin the past, people can only eat meat during the annual festival.

■Heidelberg Universität

On the 27th,people slaughter roosters and go to the market, purchasing goods for the comingfestival.

■Heidelberg Universität

On the 28th,people steam buns and paste spring couplets and pictures. The ancients usedpeach-tree wood to dispel evil spirits and later on people use red-paperinstead to show the new year happiness.

■Heidelberg Universität

On the 29th,people go to tomb-sweeping, pray for blessings and worship the ancestors whichhas a long history in China.

■Heidelberg Universität

On the eve ofthe lunar new year, the family gather together. Tomorrow is the New Year aftertonight, and the warmth of spring will take away the bitter cold of winter.

■Heidelberg Universität

Spring iscoming, and again I wish all of you a happy Lunar New Year.

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